Volume 3: animated - On Second Thought: from Iffy to Witty Thoughts
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Witty Thoughts Animated

Volume 3: animated


Volume 3 Android app includes:
  • Volume 3: 4 activities
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Track your own progress

 Interested in learning only about Witty Thoughts? This program consists of 4 activities that add up to 100 amusing screens to help you do just that.
Let’s pick up on better habits by looking at some “Witty Thoughts”. These reasonable thinking patterns are presented in an amusing and humorous fashion through cartoon like pictures that are appealing to children, adolescents and adults alike.
Explore these activities to gain more insight into how to “Tip the Scales” when you want your mother to let you go to your friend’s house, to realize that “It Takes Two to Tango” when your friend forgot to save you a seat in the lunchroom and how to “Cut Someone Some Slack” when you don’t get picked for the team.

For Android tablets & mobile devices.

Google Play Store for Android devices

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